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Do you know your own personality style and those things in life that cause pressure, which may cause stress factors or exhaustion?

treat others how they want to be treated queen of behaviours

Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated

I believe, we should “treat others, how they wish to be treated” if you want to get the best from them, especially in the business world.

optimism related to a longer life by queen of behaviours vicky ofarrell

Planning For A Longer Life...

How optimism can improve and achieve a longer life span and recognising negative personalities in your life.

How Can One Organisation C**k Up a House Move?

I need to share this journey and give some insight why QoB has been so quiet this year.

moving house from queen of behaviours

What A Year!

May 2021 we decided to put our house on the market...

Letters on Motherhood

I would like to out it out there for the of us who never became natural birth mothers this Mother's Day

Why I Don't Set New Year Resolutions

I know many people do, but I also know many people who don’t. I’m in the second camp and here’s why...

Queen of behaviours building resilience


We’re getting to the end of the year, let’s talk resilience and how to set your team up to be the best they can be.


It’s October so let’s talk BREAST. Build Resilient Engaged And Strong Teams...

Connection Between Boundaries & Duty of Care queen of behaviours

Connection Between Boundaries & Duty of Care

How can you support those with Rigid and Non-existent boundaries?

queen of behaviours blog - dont be a twat

Don't be a T.W.a.T

How do we encourage people back to the office in the right way? Also, are there benefits of both WFH and the office?

Workplace or workspace queen of behaviours

Work Place or Work Space

How do you prefer to work? In the office, at home, in a café? Is your preference down to your personality type?

Get into the groove

get Into The Groove

Now that lockdown is lifting and offices are opening, is it fair to force people back to the workplace?

NOMOPHOBIA...Do you have it?

It was time to do some research and the results were surprising...

"A year on..."

If you had told me that a year later I would still be working remotely, delivering courses and keynotes via video. I’m not sure how my mental health would have been affected by this thought.

"Congratulations, you’re in the Finals"

These were the words I heard in 2018 for the Finals of the first-ever Ms. Great Britain pageant running in 2019.

Vicky OFarrell - Queen of Behaviours - Advice to 16 year old me

Top 5 tips, I would give my 16 year old self

Other than Kajagoogoo wanting their wig back……here’s my top 5. 2021 - the year I turn 50, so as I reflect on my journey to this milestone, I want to look back at what I have learnt.

Recruitment - doing things differently

Bringing other interested parties into the recruitment process can help validate your choices. Read how...

I'm officially old...REALLY?

Reflecting on my last year - where I have come to a huge change in my life...

Even the most motivated need motivating

How I needed motivating to get going again during lockdown...

Why do I use the sunflower as a symbol?

To me, I love the Summer Season and the sunflower shouts summer loudly. But in a business sense how does it translate?

Vicky OFarrell - Queen of Behaviours Why i got fired

Five Lessons I've learnt about why I got FIRED!

5 lessons that helped me grow as a person and a professional...

Eat the ugly Frog First

So where do you start? Are you overwhelmed with your work load. Here's where to start...

Vic OFarrell - Queen of Behaviours

Be proud of your achievements

Overcoming imposter syndrome and allowing myself to be proud of my career choice and achievements.

Vicky OFarrell - Queen of Behaviours going it alone

Going it alone

How do you know when it is the right time to start your own business or to go freelance? Is there ever a right time and what do you need to know before you do?

How do you know when a relationship has turned from equal to controlling? The 7 steps guide

Sounds like a strange question, because surely we do things in life to please others - so why would you question a relationship if you found yourself in this situation?

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