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The Queen’s Counsel was put together to add on other layers of life that impact our behaviours, giving us a deeper view and understanding of how our teams impact others, helping to  understand why others may do, say and react the way they do. When we have a stronger, more cohesive team, we build an environment that people thrive in. Where conflict is reduced, communication improves and teams work in flow. What is the point of learning if we don’t use it daily? What is the point of understanding, if we don’t recognise and respect it daily?

Vicky O'Farrell

Vicky is an award winning personality profiler who has recognised that her own “extreme” personality style has, in the past, not created the environment for people to thrive. By looking in the mirror and recognising this, Vicky now helps other to do the same. Leading with purpose.

Stephen Whitton

Specialist Area: Mental Health

Stephen uses his personal experiences, coupled with his expertise DISC knowledge to bring a masterclass in personalities and overlay mental health to help others understand how to read the signs of mental health and how to approach colleagues, friends and family so no-one should have to contemplate, as Stephen did himself, “the possibility of this planet not needing me on it anymore!

Ben Massen

Specialist Area: Culture, Geographical and Organisational

Now you have understood the personality differences and how to work together, Ben will overlay the cultural differences – because a D-style American culture will have differences from a D-style Asian culture.

Ben will help you to understand and shape team cultures where everyone’s perspective is heard, valued, and leveraged. He will show you how to communicate and integrate the different styles and cultures to strengthen your competitive advantage by bridging cultural differences and building inclusive communication and collaboration practices.

He will also show how you can work and partner with organisations to expand your global influence, leading with the cultural map that everyone can recognise, understand and respect.

Anita Phagura

Specialist Area: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity is nothing without the inclusion part, and Anita will help you to do the deep work beyond ‘unconscious bias training’ to really dig deep, break down existing systems to build equitable ways of working for diverse and inclusive teams to create belonging and high performance in their projects and organisations.

Let’s change the way you and your teams think, whether it’s about themselves or what they are capable of , and how they create equitable inclusive structures – that lead to courageous action!

Julie Creffield

Specialist Area: Change, Growth and Coaching

Julie is a business legacy strategist with almost 30 years of experience across a range of industries, sectors and niches, with a no-nonsense, creative approach to building, developing and scaling businesses, teams and projects, whilst keeping an important eye on the health, wealth and happiness of the people at the heart of them.

She is not afraid to challenge, and like the rest of the Queens Counsel will use her skills and knowledge of the DISC profiling tool, to understand which buttons to press and which motivators to push to get the results that both the individual and the business needs, to make change for the future. She helps build stronger and more efficient teams, with a focus on productivity, purpose and profit, ensuring people have the skills and capacity to make the BIG changes they want to in their businesses, lives and in the workplace.

James Perryman

Specialist Area: Talent Management and Coaching

James brings a wealth of experience, gained from working over 20 years across a wide number of disciplines and functions. His passion lies in helping people and companies to recognise and build upon their potential, to increase performance.
His strengths are with helping organisations lead and manage change. As one of life’s great listeners, he has a nose for sniffing out those “cover-up” stories and is ready to challenge where others may just accept.

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