Even the most motivated need motivating

When you celebrated the New Year at midnight on the 31st December 2019 what where your 2020 plans? I doubt any of us have truly fulfilled what we had planned. I was on a wonderful beach on Kerala, Indian, at the time and I had talked about 2020 being a year of growth and to take my business online, I had no idea what was coming, like the rest of us, and yes I have adapted and my business is online. 

But now, six months have passed since England locked down and things have changed and there is now more “back to normal” because we can’t ever go back to what we had, we have to look forward to what is new.

I don’t enjoy going to the shops anymore, I don’t like wearing a mask, but I do, to be compliant, hands up – I feel disoriented in a mask, it’s a barrier to communication.

I miss delivering my workshop to REAL LIVE audiences, because for anyone that delivers anything LIVE it’s the audience we feed off, the buzz we get from interactions with others – the Human Race was not designed to be solitary.

Yet, who am I to be demotivated? I have work, my business has now gone global, I have a great set up at home. So snap out of it Vic, but you know what some days I can’t. Some days I want to lie on the sofa, pull on a blanket and get lost in an old feel good movie. And do you know what, some days that’s OKAY. 

We need to not “beat ourselves up” because there are “others worse off than you” we are all humans with different wants and needs and I NEED other humans to feel human. I’m an outgoing people – person who needs to feed her energy from being with others.

As a motivational speaker, the Queen of Behaviours, I am letting myself have days when I don’t want to do the work, I hadn’t planned to write this today but my Business Coach made the suggestion. I will look back on it when I am having a “HIGH” again and think, oh, that was a bit vulnerable “a bit too open” to post. Thats way I’m posting it because I know there will be others out there feeling the same.

IT’S OKAY to NOT TO BE OKAY. Humans need humans and even the motivated need motivating.

I’m off for a walk to get fresh air in my lungs and breath some new life into me for my calls today.

Vicky O’Farrell – Queen of Behaviours 

Self-care is NOT self-indulgence, it is a necessary part of LIFE ❤️

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