A Year On…

March 2020, the 23rd in England to be specific. If you had told me then, that a year later, I would still be working remotely, delivering courses and keynotes via video, I’m not sure how my mental health would have been affected by this thought.

What about you?

How has this past year impacted your life?

Without morbidly talking about the people whose lives have been lost, the businesses that have folded, I want this to be a reflection of positivity because you know me well enough and my glass is always half full, often overflowing with the positive viewpoint.

As all my bookings left my diary, collapsing like a well organised Domino Run, I could have easily thought “well that’s me screwed for the next few months” but I didn’t, thankfully, as I did not foresee how long this would go on and missed the growth my business has had this last year.

I had been having discussions in 2019 with a global client on how I could deliver my workshops to their wider teams, without the need to fly me around the world, which is not healthy for the planet or me. So we talked about webinars and how that could look. So, delivery remotely had already started to come on the horizon.

Do you remember April last year and how many people suddenly became “experts” on everything remote, managing, motivating, appearing on video, delivery style, even the tech. Rather than rush to launch, I spent time with my Business Coach, Julie Creffield on how I can “unpack” and “repack” my workshops and take them online, which I have been doing with great success in the last year. 2021 is moving to automation for some of these programmes so I can focus on the mastermind programme “lead yourself to lead others” a 6 weeks deep dive programme, unpacking YOU as a leader because I know I have had to that to myself and I visit the areas on a regular basis:

1: Your personality
2: Your limiting beliefs
3: Imposter Syndrome
4: Habits
5: Your followers – WHY?
6: Transformation

Why have I created this mastermind now? Because a year on and we have all been riding this storm in our own boats, managing our own mental health and all aspects of life in our own way. Stepping up, stepping out and stepping into our leadership role, everything from the teams we work with, the clients we manage to the home-schooling. I salute you – let me help you to unpack your leadership blocks so you lead yourself to lead others and lead more.

What are the other positive points in this last year?

The positive impact this has had on the environment
Removed geographical boundaries for business
Respect for “space” around each other
Awareness of our amazing frontline workers, cleaners to surgeons.
Flexible working practices.
Community engagement and support

I’m sure there are more, please let me know of the positive impacts you have seen.

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