NOMOPHOBIA... Do You Have It?

This last year has been nothing but different for all of us. Have you found yourself more and more attached to your phone? You know me now, it’s time to do some research (yes, even me with a low “C” in DISC terms does enjoy a bit of research, when I’m in the mood.) Have you heard of the term “NOMOPHOBIA” really?  I hadn’t till I was researching, for those unaware, it stands for “NO MObile phone Phobia” 

This is scary stuff:

71% of smartphone users sleep with or next to their phones. Incredibly, statistics show that 3% of users even sleep with their phone in their hand. So the much needed hours of rest is likely to be disturbed by notifications and messages.  This is what prompted me to run the LINKEDIN poll “Have you ever used your mobile whilst on the toilet”  Research also shows, 12% using their phones in the shower – I’m shocked or maybe I’m just not “with it”

One survey even shows that the AVERAGE smartphone user TOUCHES their phone (that’s a swipe, click, tap to you and me) 2,617 times PER DAY??  The average smartphone owner unlocks their phone 150 times a day 

For some more amazing statistics here’s another great link for you:

So it’s no surprise to read that the attention span of a Human is now less than the humble GOLDFISH who we always used to refer to… 

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