Why I Don't Make New Year Resolutions

I know many people do, but I also know many people who don’t. I’m in the second camp and here’s why:

I used to be a smoker, and for many years, 1st Jan was the time I said I was giving up. You guessed it, by the end of January, I was smoking again. Now those of you who are coaches will know the words “give-up” are negative and will more than likely fail as a goal. We need to look at the reasons “why” we want to give things up. What will we achieve? For me the smoking had many reasons why; health, cost, smell, etc. I had given up previously for several years, but a shitty divorce in my early thirties started me smoking again. So what helped me to stop again? The smoking ban in England on 1st July 2007. Was that the date I stopped, NO, because being quite a stubborn Taurean I wasn’t going to be told by anyone when I could and couldn’t smoke a cigarette.

In February 2007, I was babysitting for my nieces and thought, oh I’ll take that Allan Carr DVD with me and see if that works as I want to lead a healthier life. Bingo, it did, so when the smoking ban came in and we watched as our friends went outside and took shelter from the rain to smoke their cigarettes I felt proud to say I was NOT a smoker.

What resolutions have you made that you have broken or what resolutions have you made that have been successful?

You see making a resolution works for some people, is it connected to personality types? Could be, those that like order and detail will structure resolutions, chart their progress and ensure they are followed through, feeling some disappointment if they are not achieved. Others like the idea of them because everyone else is setting one, they will set one too, not right them down, not track them and then shrug them off as an “oh well, next”

What is the most common resolution made? According to several survey’s exercise and a  healthier lifestyle is up there, is it because we overindulged in December? “Diet starts in January” well when you look at the Gym membership take up in January we all know it’s going to be high, I wonder if those who already go to the gym talk to each other and try to guess who will stay and who will be the first to stop attending? As a non-gym goer, I’d be interested to hear from those that do attend.

Which do you fall into? 

Love them, make them every January, achieve them or set goals and make changes when you are ready…

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