We’re getting to the end of the year, let’s talk resilience.


It’s still tough right now, in the office, being at home, talking on video, talking in the room, talking on video AND in the room. Checking in on the other team’s members. In fact, it’s not tough, it’s exhausting, and this is the world of work as we have come to know it and can see it being this way, way into the distance.

So how do you build resilience in daily?

I can give you lots of ideas from taking a break, relaxing, meditation, yoga, affirmations, e.t.c. Also setting boundaries with when to check emails, start and end of day, not overloading the workday.

What about setting resilience daily with your team? How does your team feel right now? What do they need right now? How you can support them right now? I’m sure if you asked them you would get different answers from each of them, because well, we’re all different. So what can you do for YOU right now? Get to know what’s behind the face of each member of your team. What makes them tick, what drives their inspiration, what motivates them to show up at work every day? Is it the people they work with? You, you as a manager/leader? The tasks they complete every day? The clients?

When you can understand your team, what drives them and what relaxes them, you can help them to build resilience each day.

BUT, first and foremost, you must build resilience into YOUR day first, because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Personally, I have taken a real step back from social media, I found since the middle of 2020 I had become a slave to it, posting 2,3,4 even 5 times a day, it was so noisy I felt I needed to be there constantly, no more, 3 times a week works for me right now.

Also, turning off toxic voices. Those people that only get in touch when they want something. People who have a negative impact on my emotional state. Now don’t get me wrong, if a friend, colleague, client phoned in need of an ear, then I am here, but when a person is a constant “drain” and has become the “hoover” experience on you, then I reduce the number of times I am available to talk.

I love to surround myself with radiators, those in life that give, give energy because I radiate energy too and it also means that should someone does need my ear, then I am full of energy and positive vibes to support them.

Just by switching “off” to certain noises in my life, until I am in a position to hear, has really helped me build resilience into my life.

I would love to hear your stories too, please do reach out and share.


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