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When you are working in flow, working to our strengths, working to our natural behaviours, we flourish, those around us flourish and business grows. Who doesn’t want a piece of that?

About Vicky and The QoB Journey

Having spent many a year in the corporate world, I found myself in August 2013 in a boardroom being told “My role is no longer tenable”… I was fired.

Whilst at the time this could have been the worst day of my career, I reflect now on how this was the BEST day of my career. It was the push I needed to go and make a difference in the world, to get of the “hamster wheel” of the London commute and follow my dreams, my passion and helps others. I started out delivering training for other organisations, whilst I trained to become a coach with the Coaching Academy. This is where I came upon DISC and a lightbulb went off “this is my purpose”.

My Passion for Personality Profiling

During my training I realised, as Bev James actually told me in one of our sessions “you’re like the Donkey from Shrek we all love Donkey but 100% of the time?” Perhaps not. You see, we go along life on auto pilot and having done many assessment tools in the past none of them stuck with me past the one classroom. However, DISC did.

I knew there was more to our behaviours than just our personality so I studied the other layers too. In fact, my hobby was always people-watching and now I have made a living out of it.

Fast forward to today and I offer full programmes and work with my own team of other DISC trained associates with different areas of expertise.  As my client you are offered a truly layered package with ongoing support and training to ensure behaviours are embedded as part of your own company culture and business DNA

About Personality Profiling

The foundations of the programmes are based on the DISC personality profiling tool. This systems takes us back to our basic wiring to understand what our preferences are.

Are you outgoing or reserved? Are you people focused or tack focussed? What does your personality look like in the mirror? What about when you wake up before the events of the day have had an impact on you? Does your environment impact your personality style? What about when you’re under pressure? 

We delve deep into all these factors to better understand your personality style in all our programmes.

Utilised by more than a million users each year, DISC is the personal assessment tool based on Dr William Moulton Marston findings and published in 1928 “ the Emotions of normal people” A tool that will help improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace.

Have you ever wondered why you connect with some team members better than others. Ever thought you collaborate in certain teams and struggle to even communicate in different teams? By using DISC we can show you and your team how to build a more unified workplace and ultimately ensuring you are all working towards the common goal.

The programmes are delivered together with an analysis tool for you to complete your own profile. We take you on a journey of DISCovery through history, the theory and give you some practical tools so can easily recognise the styles of those around you.

The programme also helps you to take a closer look in the mirror, recognise your own strengths and why some people in your life will react differently towards you, than others. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about recognising, understanding and respecting our differences.

Each of the three graphs reveals a different snapshot of behaviours, depending on the conditions of the environment.

Public Self (Mask)

Queen of Behavious DISC graph - MaskThis graph displays the “you” others see. It reflects how you perceive the demands of the environment and your perception of how you believe others expect you to behave.


Private Self (Core)

Queen of Behavious DISC graph - CoreThis graph display your instinctive response to pressure and identifies how you are most likely to respond when stress or tension are present. This would be your instinctive reaction.


Perceived Self (Mirror)

Queen of Behavious DISC graph - Mirror

This graph displays the manner in which you perceive your typical behaviours. It could be referred to as your self perception. Although at times you may be unaware of the behaviour you use with other people, this graph shows your typical approach.

"...WOW, this dame knows her stuff! She hasn't just spent the time and effort mastering the craft, but truly Loves, Lives and Breathes personalities! ..."
Brian Barry
Professional Speaker

Meet The Queen's Counsel

The Queen’s Counsel was put together to add on other layers of life that impact our behaviours, so we can have a deeper view and understanding of how we impact others and understand why others may do, say and react the way they do.

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