5 Lessons I've learnt about why I got FIRED!

1.It’s not okay to blame others.

When I lost my job, my first reaction was to blame the company:
For not giving me enough time to build my pipeline of sales and convert them. For employing the telesales chap, that really rubbed me up the wrong way, I would make meaningless appointments to get out of the office. Blaming my Boss for not trusting that my networking would pay off

2. Procrastination is not your friend

I would make excuses not to do things, to follow up leads by email, stopped picking up the phone.  I would make a daily list of things to-do and then tick off really quickly all the things i liked and then skirt around all the things that i didn’t. Turn my back on challenges hoping they go away.

3. Imposter Syndrome is also not your friend

Don’t listen to the little demon called Imposter Syndrome, learn to manage it. Every time I wanted to try something new at work, if one person said “its not a good idea” I would let my Imposter Syndrome say “see, I told you so” and stop in my tracks. We all have it, to some extent and although I have learnt to not listen to mine, it still rears its head when I step outside my comfort zone and go to launch new programmes but now i think, yup keep me grounded, but never stop me moving on, now out of my way Imposter Syndrome, I’m here to stay.

4. The only person in control of your destiny is YOU

I made excuses, I blamed the company, I blamed the boss, I blamed the telesales chap, but really the only person I could blame was myself.  I had lost interest in what i did, i didn’t enjoy my role anymore, i lost faith in my ability to do the job, it didn’t make me happy, so I didn’t give me all, which in turn showed up in my work and I did get the sack.

5. It is not the end of the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, at the time it did feel like the end of the world, I had just moved house, we had a big mortgage, bills to pay, how where we going to survive. But I took steps and reflected, I didn’t just think quick jump to the next job, I actually thought through what had happened and why in August 2013 at 43 years of age did I get the sack ? I did a part-time role to ring in some income but then I started on this journey of being a business leader, which is a story for another blog 🙂

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