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Winner Of The Coaching Academy “International Coaching Awards”

Saturday 23rd November 2019 – Central London

By my own self-awareness, I know how much the “Shrek-Donkey” in me wants to shout and celebrate how important this award is to me and Motivational Voice but I also don’t want to be seen as “showing off” – so why did I enter the award?

How often do we have these internal conflicts ? I have suffered from Imposter Syndrome, waiting for that tap on the shoulder – like I am sure many of you do, but earlier this year I uncovered the reason why – being told by my teachers that I wasn’t going to achieve a lot because I talked too much – who even knew Professional Speaking was a career! I now manage these feelings when they appear, because they still do, I look at them as a “life check” to keep me grounded.

I have learnt so much over the last 6 years about Personality Styles, you may see it as a simple “introvert vs extrovert” but it is much more. I came across DISC whilst doing my Coaching qualification with The Coaching Academy and had a light bulb moment of “this is it, this me, this is what I’ve been waiting for, studying people” I’ve been people watching all my life and now I can make it a career. I have studied and trained ,with Master DISC Practitioners Dave Pill and Bev James from the Coaching Academy to become a DISC Practitioner myself.. 

When this year’s awards included DISC within Coaching, I knew I had to apply. To be told I was short-listed was recognition to me, and then to WIN the award against some very tough competition was just over-joy. 

I’m celebrating and proud of this achievement.

But why study people anyway?

There are many psychometric tests on the market to help us understand our personality style and before you even embark on taking one, know this – there is no right or wrong / good or bad style, we just need to accept that as human beings we are all different. When we understand the differences and how different styles prefer to communicate, what motivates them and what their greatest fears are, then we can all work along side each other in more, harmonious fashion because understanding each other is helpful but understanding ourself is powerful.

Knowing each other is useful but knowing ourselves is powerful because we cannot change others’ style but we can adapt our own to get the best out of people, not just in the corporate world but though our whole life.

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