Helping you to understand why others Do, Say and React the way they do, is to start by first understanding yourself. Whether you are an individual, Entrepreneur, SME or Large Corporate we have a programme tailored for you.


Enhance the process using all the Kingsmen

Imagine if you could ask a question that really translated for the other person, that they shared more value than you could ever have thought? We listen to understand, we ask questions to gain knowledge, but how do you really listen? This programme will help you understand people's preferences, so you can adapt your communication to get the best out of others.

Management & Leadership

Leading your empire with vision

We are now in a new world of work and the terms "hybrid" and "burnout" are being used more frequently. What does this mean for A: Your team  B: You as a Manager / Leader

Understanding the personality style of others will support YOU to manage in this hybrid world but also will help you recognise the signs of burnout in not just yourself but in those around you. 

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More moves than the Queen’s Gambit

How many times have you thought the “deal was done” only to be ghosted by your prospect? On auto-pilot we sell how WE want to be sold to, but if 75% of your audience is not like you, then how do you sell to them?
This programme will help you get inside the mind of your prospect and take them on THEIR buying cycle, not yours.

We offer bespoke programmes too

QoB has been recording programmes for clients to embed into their larger group training, to find out more, click below to book a time to speak directly with Vicky.

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