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It’s October so let’s talk BREAST

The month of Breast Cancer Awareness is on us and we shouldn’t be thinking about this subject once a year, but once a month (well every day if you want) but once a month is how often we should all be checking (yes ALL because breast cancer is not gender-specific) – how well do you know your body? 

I’ve chosen the word as my ACROSTIC this month as it is relevant to October but also to be kind to yourself and others, what does it stand for


Why? Because we are stronger together.

There are numerous studies, books, white papers written on the subject and rather than list them all here I want to ask you this “ Who was/is in your best team”

This doesn’t have to be work-related, can be any time in your life, think back to when you really worked and gelled as a team. Now think WHY?

Was it the team?

Was it the task?

Was it the end results?

Was it the fun you had along the way?

I know that those of your reading this will have said yes to one maybe 2 of the above, maybe even all four, AND I know you will all have different reasons why, stories to tell, etc etc – why? Because we are all different, have different wants and needs, drivers and motivators. THIS is why we need to respect and understand our differences so we can ensure when we are building teams we give each team members the “things” to do that make them thrive.

If you googled (other search engines are available) “Build stronger teams” you will get pages and pages of websites and advice on how to do this, but as above that word “WHY?”. We know engaged and stronger teams deliver greater results, empowers individuals, aids communication.

Start with the “WHY?” – what is the end result you want from this team?

Then you can work back from this point to understand the journey the team are going to take and the types of people you want on the team. 

Then move to the “HOW?”  – how are they going to work together?

In this world, I have no doubt that part of this HOW is going to be Hybrid. So HOW do you manage, organise, motivate and lead a hybrid team of different personalities and behaviours?

Time to ask the “WHO?” And “WHAT?” Who is in your team, what are their needs, motivators, skill and if there is a gap in any of this, then back to the WHO to find a person to fill this gap. Repeat when needed to ensure you successfully:


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