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Vicky and Nikki talk about confidence, mindset, limiting beliefs and everything in between. Check out their monthly dose of motivation and inspiration in their podcast: Put Your Own Mask On First

Happiness: I'll Be happy when...

Happiness or positivity? Which one is your goal and should it even be the goal? Do you find yourself saying “I’ll be happy when…”? If you do then this is the episode for you. 


This month Nikki and Vicky are talking about how to build in resilience daily, and whether you even need to?! Or when is enough resilience enough?

Comfort Zone

When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone? Is it something you take stock of regularly? We believe that great things happen outside of your comfort zone…


Check out other podcasts where Vicky has made a guest appearance discussing a variety of topics.

FOCUS ON WHY:  Award-winning personality profiler Queen of Behaviours, Vicky O’Farrell explains why you do what you do.
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TALENT POD: We discuss psychometric assessments, what they are and why you are missing out.
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MENABLE: Stephen discusses Menopause, Behaviours and the motor trade with the Queen of Behaviours
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ACTIVATE YOUR INTROVERT: A discussion with Vic O’Farrell. Vic, known as the Queen of Behaviours makes the workplace work…
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ON VERVE: How understanding your personality and different types can enhance customer experiences.

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