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What is the point of learning if we don’t use it. What is the point of understanding, if we don’t recognise and respect it daily. We all know we are as individual as our DNA. We may well have similar traits to others but we are unique. So is our personality and our behaviours.

What is DISC?

The DISC personality profiling tool takes us back to our basic wiring, how we wake up in the morning on “auto-pilot”, how our environment impacts on our personality and also what the impact is when we are in a pressured environment. These three areas help us to look in the mirror and better understand ourselves so we can be aware of how we impact on others. How we can adapt our styles to get the best out of those around us.

The Queen’s Counsel was put together to add on other layers of life that impact our behaviours, so we can have a deeper view and understanding of how we impact others and understand why others may do, say and react the way they do.

Have you ever wondered why you connect with some team members better than others. Ever thought you collaborate in certain teams and struggle to even communicate in different teams? By using DISC we can show you and your team how to build a more unified workplace and ultimately ensuring you are all working towards the common goal.

Who Is On The Counsel?

Vicky O’Farrell

Queen of Behaviours

When you lead from the heart, you lead with purpose. When you can become that chameleon that has the knowledge to adapt yourself to your surroundings, then you lead with conviction. But before all of this comes the knowledge of your own behavioural style and the impact that you have on others. We can not change someone else’s style but we can recognise, understand and respect their strengths, guide them where they need support and give them the platform to flourish and grow. 

When we have a team that surrounds us, with everyone working to their strengths, acknowledging what is out of control, then EVERYONE will flourish, business will grow and challenges can be faced and overcome.

Vicky is an award winning personality profiler who has recognised that her own “extreme” personality style has, in the past, not created the environment for people to thrive. By looking in the mirror and recognising this, Vicky now helps other to do the same. Leading with purpose

Stephen Whitton

The Master of Mental Health

As darkness and despair descended on an otherwise normally bright and cheerful persona, it presented a time to reflect, re-evaluate and reassess. When the world went into a global pandemic, lockdown, clients cancelling, this exacerbated Stephen’s issues. With a reputation as the long-serving, upbeat and positive Automotive Trainer, Speaker, Consultant and Coach, a man full of confidence, a leader, the ease with which he could hold an audience, those around him had nothing but admiration but, that was the “Stephen” he portrayed to the outside world! For many years he had been carrying around deep rooted un-ease, born out of childhood traumas and unresolved thought processes – so it was only a matter of time before the pot not only boiled over, but fell to the floor and flooded the kitchen!

Stephen uses his personal experiences, coupled with his expertise DISC knowledge to bring a masterclass in personalities and overlay mental health to help others understand how to read the signs of mental health and how to approach colleagues, friends and family so no-one should have to contemplate, as Stephen did himself, “the possibility of this planet not needing me on it anymore!”

Ben Massen

The King of Culture

Now you have understood the personality difference and how to work together, Ben will overlay the cultural differences – because a D style American culture, will have differences to a D style Asian culture. Ben will help you to understand and shape team cultures where everyone’s perspective is heard, valued and leveraged. He will show you how to communicate and integrate the different styles and cultures to strengthen your competitive advantage by bridging cultural differences and building inclusive communication and collaboration practices.

Ben will also show how you can develop greater intercultural competence, expand your global influence, and enhance how you communicate and build trust with global stakeholders.

Ben was based in Guangzhou, South China gaining over 15 years of training, coaching and facilitation experience, developing thousands of professionals from 64 different nationalities, across diverse divisions and professions, to work, lead and communicate more effectively across cultures.

Anita Phagura

The dame of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is nothing without the inclusion part, and Anita will help you to do the deep work beyond ‘unconscious bias training’ to really dig deep, break down existing systems to build equitable ways of working for diverse and inclusive teams to create belonging and high performance in their projects and organisations. Anita will help you change the way you and your teams think – about themselves and what they are capable of , and how they create equitable inclusive structures – that leads to courageous action! 

Having worked for over a decade as a Project manager in local government, construction and railway, Anita started to notice her difference and gender mattered. Over time more and more barriers seemed apparent, hearing messages that led her to second-guessing her leadership style to fit in. She was a miss-fit .

Anita creates transformational change through dissent – a dissatisfaction with the status quo, and a need to speak up for better outcomes – as well as empathy and authenticity. She will take the DISC model and overlay D&I and challenge you in a way that will push you through discomfort to change the way you think, about yourself and those around you. 

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