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Diana Tumova MSc MCIEH

- Environmental Health Practitioner at Crawley Borough Council

I would be delighted to recommend the webinars and other routes set up by Vicky. I watched DISC assessment videos as part of the #CIEH Conversion Route development route and took the DISC assessment. In many current educational settings are often  soft skills and some basics of psychology, leadership, management etc. pushed well behind the technical competencies- when in fact- often  the human factor in approach is all what matters. I took a part in similar modules back in commercial sector – but Vicky made the topic live, applicable, easy to understand and straightforward to follow. Module was accompanied by well structured  comprehensive report. Anyone delivering front line service – no matter in which sector- could seriously benefit from participating. 

Thank you Vicky!!! – Good luck with your future projects. 


Ross Abbate

- CEO for Mace Operate

Victoria provided a great atmosphere when our global senior leadership team met at our away day – the team was taken through their DISC profiling, where she positively encouraged participation and debate. As CEO for Mace Operate it was great for me to get a better understanding of my team and review ways to communicate better with my peers. It allowed us to learn about each other’s personalities, whilst having some fun in the process.

Brian Barry

- Professional Speaker

The DISCo Queen indeed!  Having worked with Vicky in a different group a few months back, I joined in her DISC Profiling course recently.  WOW, this dame knows her stuff!  She’ not just spent the time and effort mastering the craft, but truly Loves, Lives and Breathes personalities!  Thus making her the perfect choice for yourself, or your team to grow in the area of personality profiles.  It’s a great business tool (DISC) to help you firstly understand yourself better, how you think and react to others under different circumstances, and then in turn how other personalities react to you!  It opens your eyes, your mind, and then doors to new opportunities you previously thought wasn’t possible.  

I wholeheartedly recommend Vicky for her services, as not only her experience and knowledge will tick all the boxes, but her friendly, straight forward and outgoing ‘I’ style will bowl you over and you’d want more! Just because.  Go on, get in touch and book today

Karen Jane Nunn

- Managing Director at The Strategem Organisation

 “I found the delivery of the recent DISC course I attended well-paced, appropriately pitched and of great interest.  ‘Queen of Behaviours’ is certainly aptly named for its ‘Leading Lady’; Victoria delivered all information clearly and concisely with relevance, in a way that I felt engaged and invigorated all participants.  DISC for me is the simplest profiling process I have experienced and was a great reminder as to why and how we can and should be mindful of each others differences, in particular it is through such individualities we can come together to make even greater teams.  I would not hesitate signing up for another Queen of Behaviours course, a fantastic return on investment for valuable insight and effective self development – thank you!

Gail Muller

- Adventurer | Speaker | Writer | Teacher

Victoria is an exceptionally effective coach and mentor, coaxing strengths out of weaknesses. She helped me to understand my strongest qualities and how to best use them in my work and personal life, whilst also illuminating why I find other things so challenging. She is very positive and thoughtful, ensuring that whilst you may be discussing how to improve weaknesses, you still leave feeling renewed, inspired and with a greater understanding of how to move forward and thrive.


- CEO at CoppaFeel

We were privileged to have Vicky join us for a team planning session. Her fun and personable nature created a relaxed and open atmosphere and facilitated a safe space to understand how to better collaborate us a team whilst also recognise our own personal drivers and motivations. We really enjoyed the session and Vicky gave us lots of food for thought.

Jackie Furey

- Coaching Client

I feel blessed to have been coached by Victoria O’Farrell. For many years I have avoided doing the things that scare me, but have proved career limiting, for example; Public Speaking. Victoria has helped me to believe I ‘can’ when my inner gremlins were telling me I ‘cannot’. Through setting goals in bitesize chunks, I have achieved things I wouldn’t have ever felt possible. There is no better feeling than smashing these fears and finally finding my voice. 

Nicky Hooper

- Proprietor at Glamlife Brighton

Vicky O’Farrell was compere at a Charity Fashion Show that I helped organise for the Rotary Club of Haywards Heath. She was a true professional from start to finish, her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and she managed to entertain the crowd whilst ensuring that the evening ran smoothly. She is a true people’s person, a pleasure to be around and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in the public speaking world.

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