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Having spent many a year in the corporate world, I found myself in August 2013 in a boardroom being told “My role is no longer tenable”… I was fired.

Whilst at the time this could have been the worst day of my career, I reflect now on how this was the BEST day of my career. It was the push I needed to go and make a difference in the world, to get of the “hamster wheel” of the London commute and follow my dreams, my passion and helps others. I started out delivering training for other organisations, whilst I trained to become a coach with the Coaching Academy. This is where I came upon DISC and a lightbulb went off “this is my passion”.


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Session content: Personal brand profile and communicating with impact

Description of talk for event marketing and publicity

Suggested talk title: Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous – How to power up your personal brand profile and get known for what you do.

Unless you want to be a best-kept secret, the importance of getting exposure for what you do cannot be understated.

Having been under the radar herself, with no clue as to how to ‘get out there’, former BBC business presenter Penny Haslam has worked hard to communicate with impact and feel confident in doing so.

She now supports others to showcase what they do, without feeling like a show-off. With thought-provoking stories and plenty of practical advice, Penny challenges you to:

  • Increase your visibility, or that of your team or organisation, and make it part of your job
  • Be seen by the people that matter as someone with expertise, on your terms
  • Communicate with impact, brevity and confidence (so you don’t feel like an idiot!).

This session is for you if you want to progress your career, the profile of your team or organisation and be more visible in order to engage your colleagues, clients, candidates, suppliers and stakeholders.

How to introduce Penny ‘on the day’

Please hand this to the person who will introduce Penny at your event. It is specific to the personal brand profile and communicating with impact session content.

Our first/next/guest speaker is a former national broadcaster, presenting the business news on BBC Breakfast, the News Channel and on Radio 5 Live.

She now works with leaders and emerging talent to be more visible and communicate with confidence.

And she is the author of the business books, Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous and Panel Discussions – The Ultimate Guide.

Today she’s going to help YOU power up your personal brand profile and get known for what you do.

Please welcome Penny Haslam.


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