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Imagine if you could understand what motivates and drives the people around you? The power starts with you, understand yourself so you can adapt to others.

Vic OFarrell - Queen of Behaviours

Personality Profiling

Profiling has been used for many years and the one thing to remember is there is not a RIGHT or WRONG style, it is not about labelling people and an excuse for bad behaviour, it is about an understanding that we are all different, an acceptance of our differences and how we can all adapt our style to get build more harmonious relationships with those around us. Find out more on how personality profiling can improve your business and well-being of your team.


Winning DISC within Coaching Award at The Coaching Academy Awards night 23rd November 2019 with Dave Pill, Master DISC trainer and Bev James, CEO, of The Coaching Academy.

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When you know and understand your natural behaviours, you can work to your strengths and adapt, manage or outsource areas that take you out of your work-flow.

Add to this the understanding of your core values, you can ensure your surroundings align to give maximise efficiency. Discover what programme best suits you and your team.


“Victoria provided a great atmosphere when our global senior leadership team met at our away day – the team was taken through their DISC profiling, where she positively encouraged participation and debate.

As CEO for Mace Operate it was great for me to get a better understanding of my team and review ways to communicate better with my peers. It allowed us to learn about each other’s personalities, whilst having some fun in the process”

Ross Abbate - CEO at

Mace Operate

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