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About Personality Profiling

When you know and understand your natural behaviours, you can work to your strengths and adapt, manage or outsource areas that take you out of flow. Add to this the understanding of your core-values, you can ensure your surroundings align to give maximise flow.

As humans we are all different

As humans we are all different

When you meet someone with different / opposite behaviours to yours, do you just see a negative trait or do you look at their potential strengths? 

Can we work with opposites?

Can we work with opposites?

When you know and understand your behaviours and those around you, then you can respect your differences and see the positive qualities your both hold...

But is it the same for core-values?

But is it the same for core-values?

Yes, with an understanding of core-values, it is possible to have harmony...

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What is DISC personality profiling?

Utilised by more than a million users each year, DISC is the personal assessment tool based on Dr William Moulton Marston findings and published in 1928 “ the Emotions of normal people” A tool that will help improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace.

Have you ever wondered why you connect with some team members better than others. Ever thought you collaborate in certain teams and struggle to even communicate in different teams? By using DISC we can show you and your team how to build a more unified workplace and ultimately ensuring you are all working towards the common goal.

Sample Profile

Each of the three graphs reveals a different snapshot of behaviours, depending on the conditions of the environment.

Public self


Queen of Behavious DISC graph - Mask

This graph displays the “you” others see. It reflects how you perceive the demands of the environment and your perception of how you believe others expect you to behave.

Private self


Queen of Behavious DISC graph - Core

This graph display your instinctive response to pressure and identifies how you are most likely to respond when stress or tension are present. This would be your instinctive reaction.

Perceived Self


Queen of Behavious DISC graph - Mirror

This graph displays the manner in which you perceive your typical behaviours. It could be referred to as your self perception. Although at times you may be unaware of the behaviour you use with other people, this graph shows your typical approach.

How it works

The online programmes are delivered via a series of recorded videos, plus an analysis tool for you to complete your own profile.
We take you on a journey of DISCovery through the history, the theory and give you some practical tools so can easily recognise the style of those around you.
The programme also brings you to have a closer look in the mirror, recognise your own strengths and why some people in your life will react differently towards you, than others.
It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about recognition and respect.

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