Declutter and Unsubscribe

How do you use your time when a planned day is postponed?

I had a London day planned and due to an electrical fault we had to postpone the event, not a issue, health and safety comes first but what to do with this unplanned “FREE” day.

I could have sat and written this blog, I could have written a list of prospects to target, I could have written my business proposal for my business coach, gone out shopping for the day, could have gone to visit friends, however, I found myself in the mood to declutter. Have you ever found yourself in this space?

If you are a regular reader of my blogs and received this newsletter, you may be thinking “I’m sure you only moved 18 months ago Vic, so how come your already decluttering?”

This is true and yes, we had a skip before we moved and a skip when we moved yet I still found myself moving things that I thought “this may come in handy one day”  well that day has still not come!

We are decorating a small front room, which we’ll turn into a little snug library / reading room and this room has had all those boxes not yet unpacked.

Have you ever found yourself in those situations – maybe not moved but put stuff away thinking “that will come in handy one day” and then finding it a while later thinking, hasn’t come in handy yet so needs to leave my life.

We’ve all seen those posts haven’t we:

Recycle, Sell and Keep – this was exactly the method I followed and had the dining table full by lunchtime. It felt LIBERATING, was almost a cathartic experience as I loaded the car with the things to take to the charity shop, throwing things in the skip (because quite frankly some things we just rubbish) I have things to put on Ebay and Vinted (other selling sites are available – tell me what sites work for you best ?) . What it also made me do was make room for the stuff I was going to keep, books for example, I went through methodically on my office book shelves and had many a business book that I had read and thought “I have my notes, someone else can now benefit from this book” and so I made room.

Next is for a deep declutter of clothes, now there are many theory’s on this that we wear 20% of clothes 80% of the time, or other suggestions are between 10 – 30% of our wardrobe is worn.

I know there are items in my wardrobes that only come out on special occasions, posh frocks, gala dinners etc and my thoughts on these are now along the lines of “I’ve worn this and have several different photos at different occasions, perhaps it is time to recycle and let someone else wear this and next time I may look to hire something rather than buy.”  I have been following and connected with Kay Korsch for the last year and she has some great tips.

I feel I need to get everything out and spend some time trying on and putting outfits together – that is a day in itself and the thought quite overwhelms me, so I have been putting off FOREVER. The time has come and I must now tackle this – my husband asked if this is the same for my footwear too – I have nearly 200 pairs of shoes / boots / trainers etc – and yes I know “only one pair of feet”

Next…….Clicking Unsubscribe

Now I’m not talking about the newsletters that I signed up for – you maybe reading this as you have signed up for my newsletter. No, I mean all those unsolicited emails you get once you have made a purchase from somewhere or when you have visited a website or even those e-mails that you think “how the hell did I end up on your list”

I often just delete but on this unplanned day off any email that came into my inbox (or junk) both business a personal, I took the time to click unsubscribe and have no made this a habit, if I didn’t sign up, or if I don’t read them then I now unsubscribe, takes seconds and feel so enlightening.

The Result:

I have actually woken the next day feeling lighter – I mean is that actually possible? No, I don’t mean in weight, gosh would that be lovely! No, I mean I feel like I have declutter some :stuff, office, books, clothes and now feel lighter and uncluttered in my mind too. Even the email unsubscribing has stopped my morning routine of “delete, delete, delete” I can open the emails and think right, priories who and what to deal with first.

What a powerful, uplifting, enlightening even cathartic experience this has been and I am sure I will do it again! If you cluttered, even a little overwhelmed with “stuff” I encourage you to find the time to do it. Even if you down have an unplanned day, plan in and hour to declutter.

The next thing is the phone!

As I sit here today I have 17,498 photos and 1,635 videos – please keep me accountable for reducing this number (oh and for keep me decluttered.

What can I do for you ?

Is there something you need to be pet accountable for ? Do you have an accountability buddy ? How can I support YOU ?

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